27th Mar 2024
Sandton, Johannesburg, South Africa
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Market Related
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Jennifer Sutherland


The HR Executive is responsible for assisting the HR department in various HR functions and activities. The role involves supporting the HR team in the implementation of HR policies, procedures, and programs, as well as providing administrative support in areas such as recruitment, employee relations, training and development, and employee engagement. The HR Executive plays a vital role in ensuring smooth HR operations and fostering a positive work environment.

Recruitment and Onboarding:
• Assist in sourcing candidates through various channels (job portals, social media, referrals, etc.).
• Coordinate interviews, conduct initial screening, and assist in the selection process.
• Prepare employment contracts and facilitate the onboarding process for new hires.
• Conduct orientation sessions and ensure a smooth transition for new employees.]
• Oversee all payroll related matter.]
• Designing compensation and benefit packages]
• Implementing performance review procedures

Employee Relations:
• Assist in maintaining positive employee relations by addressing employee queries and concerns.
• Help in resolving employee issues and conflicts in a fair and timely manner.]
• Maintain employee records and update HR databases with relevant information.
• Support in conducting employee surveys and analyzing feedback to identify areas of improvement.
• Measure employee retention and turnover rates

Training and Development:
• Collaborate with the HR team to identify training needs and develop training programs.
• Assist in organizing and coordinating training sessions and workshops.
• Track and evaluate training effectiveness and provide recommendations for improvement.
• Support employees in accessing and utilizing learning and development resources.

HR Policies and Compliance:
• Assist in the implementation and communication of HR policies and procedures.
• Stay updated with labor laws and regulations to ensure compliance.
• Support in conducting audits and internal HR compliance reviews.
• Assist in the preparation and submission of HR reports as required.
• Monitor HR department’s budget
• Oversee daily operations of the HR department

Employee Engagement:
• Assist in planning and organizing employee engagement initiatives.
• Support in coordinating employee events, team-building activities, and recognition programs.
• Fostering a positive work culture and promoting employee well-being.
• Contribute to internal communication efforts to keep employees informed and engaged.

BEE policies and regulations:
Your primary focus will be on conducting BEE audits, analyzing data, and assigning BEE ratings to organizations. You will play a vital role in promoting economic transformation and social equity by ensuring that companies adhere to BEE requirements and contribute to the empowerment of historically disadvantaged individuals.

• BEE Assessment: Conduct comprehensive assessments of companies'' BEE compliance. Evaluate their adherence to BEE policies, including ownership, management control, skills development, employment equity, supplier development, enterprise development, social economic development and preferential procurement.
• BEE Audits: Perform on-site audits and document reviews to verify companies'' BEE compliance. Collect relevant data, analyze financial statements, employment records, procurement practices, and other relevant information.
• Data Analysis: Analyze quantitative and qualitative data to assess companies'' BEE performance and calculate BEE scores. Interpret and apply BEE codes and scorecards to determine compliance levels.
• Rating Assignments: Assign BEE ratings to companies based on their compliance with BEE requirements. Generate BEE certificates and reports detailing the company''s BEE status and performance.
• Reporting and Documentation: Prepare accurate and comprehensive reports documenting audit findings, BEE scores, and recommendations for improvement. Ensure all documentation is organized, maintained, and easily accessible.
• Compliance Support: Provide guidance and support to companies on BEE requirements and strategies for improvement. Advise on implementing initiatives to enhance BEE compliance and maximize BEE ratings.
• Stakeholder Engagement: Collaborate with government bodies, industry associations, and other stakeholders involved in BEE to stay updated on regulatory changes, industry trends, and best practices.
• Training and Education: Conduct training sessions and workshops to educate companies on BEE policies, regulations, and compliance requirements. Foster awareness and understanding of BEE principles within the business community.
• Consultation: Offer consultation services to companies seeking to improve their BEE ratings. Identify areas for enhancement and recommend strategies for implementing sustainable BEE practices.
• Relationship Building: Develop and maintain professional relationships with clients, government entities, and industry professionals to foster collaboration and knowledge sharing in the field of BEE.


• Bachelor's degree in Human Resources, Business Administration, or a related field.
• Proven extensive work experience as an HR Executive
• Knowledge of HR best practices, policies, and employment laws.
• Familiarity with HRIS (Human Resources Information System) and other HR software.
• Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
• Excellent organisational and time management abilities.
• Attention to detail and accuracy in work.
• Ability to handle sensitive and confidential information with integrity.
• Proven experience in employee development and success management, preferably in a fast-paced and dynamic organisation.
• Strong knowledge of best practices and current trends in talent development, performance management, and employee engagement.
• Excellent understanding of learning and development methodologies, including e-learning platforms and tools.
• Strong interpersonal and communication skills, with the ability to build relationships at all levels of the organisation.
• Exceptional presentation and facilitation skills.
• Results-oriented mindset with a proactive approach to problem-solving.
• Ability to work independently as well as collaboratively in a team environment.
• Proficient in MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook).

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