7th May 2024
Gardens, Cape Town, South Africa
Job Type
R1.1 mill p.a
Recruiter Name
Cindy Caldwell


To support the Senior Engineering Manager to assume overall comprehensive technical and engineering service leadership and guidance for all aspects of Technical and Engineering service delivery, ensuring compliance with South African regulatory standards, including the OHSAct of 1985, regulations and various code of practices. Responsible for the management, maintenance, and efficient operation of the properties’ assets and systems and other clients. The Engineer shall continuously work on the improvement of service quality, rationalisation of services, efficiencies, and effectiveness of maintenance strategies and repairs, manage the operations employees, budget, etc.

To be appointed legally as a GMR2.1 C or D Competent Person in terms of the General Machinery Regulations.


Team Management and Development:

Lead a proficient technical team, providing mentorship, development, and coordination. Ensure that team members possess the necessary skill sets and qualifications to meet South African regulatory requirements and deliver on the organization's objectives.

Perform job/PDMS evaluations on each team member at least once in each quarter.

Recruit, select, and retain talent that builds on diversity as a strength.

Planning of operations and staff according to the complexity of buildings and user demands.

Ensuring compliance with all applicable statutory requirements, legislation, and site operating procedures.

Assessment and training of employees to define and address the learning and development gaps.

The entrenchment of the RITCH Values within the team.

Attend meetings

Quality Control and Regulatory Compliance:

Establish, implement, and maintain rigorous quality control procedures to guarantee that all work adheres to the highest standards. Ensure strict compliance with statutory requirements, closely monitoring and addressing any deviations to maintain regulatory standards.

Ongoing quality management (internal audits to verify service quality and other contractual obligations, correctness of invoicing according to contract and pricing concept).

Ensure and document operational know-how and experience on plant and equipment.

Creation and documentation of job specifications, risk assessments, method statements, and measurable delivery standards.

Creation of transparency of service delivery at each site.

Disaster recovery concept planning and management.

Oversight on the Supervision of 3rd Party Services:

Oversee and provide overall sign-off on all specialized 3rd party services, contractors, and service providers. Ensure that their work complies with regulatory standards, meets quality expectations, and aligns with safety measures and site operating procedures.

Repairs and Maintenance Management:

Oversee the management of repair and maintenance activities, facilitating efficient solutions to maintain assets and systems. Minimize downtime, optimize operational efficiency, and create a safe and functional environment for all occupants.

Creation of work plans, workflows, staffing, and schedules according to the quality management system of the client ISO 9001 and ISO 45001

Operations planning and monitoring.

Maintenance planning and monitoring.

Development, planning, and implementation of re-commissioning initiatives.

Root cause analysis of failures, reoccurring incidents, etc.

Consulting with the client`s FM team.

Asset and System Optimization:

Identify opportunities to optimize the performance and lifespan of assets and systems. Implement energy-efficient solutions and sustainable practices to improve operational efficiency.

Develop, implement, and drive a maintenance engineering approach through optimisation and innovation which adds value to the customer through the reduction of costs, higher efficiency levels, and market-leading practices.

Adjustment of operation and maintenance strategy according to condition of equipment, to meet SLA with the technologies, to meet value preservation rate of the client.

Long-range maintenance planning, and capital replacement planning.

Optimisation of material management, and spare part management.

Evaluation of equipment status.

Develop proposals for improvement (service, organisation, processes, modification of systems, etc.)

Energy Management, Energy saving proposal

Documentation and Reporting:

Maintain meticulous records and documentation of all engineering and technical service activities. Provide detailed and regular reports to the relevant senior management teams and regulatory authorities to ensure transparency and compliance.

Populate and submit the monthly report.

Ensure that information requested from any of our customers is submitted by their required date unless otherwise agreed to.

Budget Management:

Contribute to budget planning and management, ensuring that resources are allocated effectively to support maintenance, repair, and engineering activities.



B Technical degree/BSC Engineering Degree (Prefer - Electrical) with good commercial knowledge

Engineering Degree (BSc., BTech and BEng in Electrical or Mechanical) and passed the Law (Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations) exam

GCC - Government Certificate of Competency (Prefer - Factories) will be an added advantage

Will be appointed as legally as a GMR2.1 (Category C and D) Competent Person in terms of the General Machinery Regulations in terms of the General Machinery Regulations



At least 10 years’ experience working with similar systems

Good knowledge of monitoring and operating equipment in a production environment

Electrical and mechanical engineering training and exposure including RCA, FMECA, RCM, etc.

Working in FM environment including the understanding of the day to operational solution and requirements.

Salary - R1.1 mill pa

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